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Jeff Crispi is a Producer/Filmmaker/Film Festival Coordinator living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jeff was raised by a history teacher and an art buyer in the suburbs of Long Island, New York. At an early age, he excelled at athletics which developed into a brief stint as a semi-pro racquetball player. After the discouragement of almost failing a film course at Binghamton University, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology. Months before earning his degree, Jeff was diagnosed with manic-depression, shattering his life and beginning a lifelong quest to stabilize himself.

After years of psychological warfare, upon attending a screening of the aptly named "The Kid Stays In The Picture" (2002) his passion for filmmaking was rekindled. The evening's host was also a location scout and helped Jeff secure his first role in "First Person"(2003).

While taking film courses and learning the craft, Jeff met professor Lise Swenson, a producer of "Strange Culture"(2007) starring Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton, who grew to be a trustworthy mentor.

Now, an accomplished independent filmmaker, Jeff has a string of credits that include "Consumed", winner {Best Picture} at the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project, a film about a man’s struggle with obesity which partially inspired "Full Scale: The Divine Proportion", his documentary directorial debut.

New ways of improving health (Cinema Therapy, combat training, acupuncture, etc.), new foods (Quinoa, flaxseed, etc.), interviewing people, and finding similarities between his journey and the mysterious Divine Proportion, help him reconnect to the world. While improving his health is the primary goal, he speaks with faith leaders, medical professionals, and a cross section of people in search of what it means to be complete in mind, body, and spirit.

The Divine Proportion, or "Golden Ratio" has been linked to the harmony expressed by emotions, behaviors, and characteristics present within ourselves and nature by great minds such as sculptor Phidias (Phi), Leonardo Da Vinci, and Physicist Sir Roger Penrose.

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