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Wellington, New Zealand

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Will Marshall is a psybreaks DJ, producer and hacker based in Sydney. His first EP, Anaconda / Circuit Funk, was released on VIM Records in March 2012 with remixes from Andy Faze and MartOpetEr.

Will has recently signed to Warped Records with the single Craniosexual, and has remixed tracks from MartOpetEr and Squeezer on VIM and Newclear Records respectively.

Will’s style is intensely cerebral, blending precise, robotic breakbeats with sinuous, psy-influenced leads. Always dancefloor-oriented, Will maintains a high level of energy and focus in his sets.

Since 2009 Will has performed at numerous club and outdoor events, including Burning Man, Psylent Night I and II, Recreation for a Dream, Speed of Sound II, III and IV, Burning Seed and Kiwiburn.

Will built and maintains a popular DJ template for Ableton Live, and provides tutorial material for new Ableton DJs.

For bookings contact Will on will@willmarshall.me. Alternatively (or additionally), he is stalkable on Facebook.

E-Mail: willrj.marshall@gmail.com

Warped Records (forthcoming)

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