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  1. This has to be some kind of joke! Possibly the gayest vid ever to have existed!
  2. Why do you cut out the landings? Because you do not land shit? The only trick you land properly seems to be that super ugly dangle slim which is the easiest HP trick anyway! Please stop kiting, there is no point in going on like that...
  3. This board is freaking ugly! And why does such a shitty rider represent? So he can do the backroll! Awesome guys! This is possibly the best way to not make me buy this board fools...
  4. peter hansen commented on Raise AH!
    Super ugly! I am sorry but you just have no style! Maybe because you are such a tall guy... either way style is nothing you can practise so please quit kiting!
  5. Bitte nur downwnind! Circushässliche Nummern gehören woanders hin.....
  6. Great Vid! Any tracklist available?
  7. Ugly as fuck! Sorry but it had to be said...... Moves look like aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Style is about looking effortless like a cat you know!?