A. Elemi Hee

Melbourne, Australia

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I am an ISFJ.
According to this website myersbriggs.org/my-mbti-personality-type/mbti-basics/the-16-mbti-types.asp#ISFJ, I am the ff:

"Quiet, friendly, responsible, and conscientious. Committed and steady in meeting their obligations. Thorough, painstaking, and accurate. Loyal, considerate, notice and remember specifics about people who are important to them, concerned with how others feel. Strive to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and at home."

May be I'm not everything mentioned there but I am definitely quiet, considerate to strangers (not really at home sadly). I am loyal to people I acquaint with, and have concern over how other people feel. I still live with my folks and am studying at a university. Don't laugh at me. Just kidding. Be your good selves with me here, anyway.

My favourite animators include: Hayao Miyazaki, Richard Williams and Satoshi Kon.

At the moment, my favourite artists are: John William Waterhouse, Edward Burne-Jones, Rene Magritte, Pauline Baynes (illustrator) and... I am not so much into contemporary art. I love elements of magic realism in any form of art. I can be too much of a perfectionist without actually accomplishing something. I get emotional whenever I like something so much. I am also allergic to anything crustacean, and I usually like meals with pork and chicken meat. I like watching philosophical as well as high-fantasy videos and films. I wish to be a good writer and original artist myself.

I hope to be able to upload a good, original work of mine and let everyone know how much I can be skillful (wishful thinking).


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