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SALAD DAYS would like to be a communication media able to spread through a modus operandi between a DIY fanzine (do it yourself) and an illustrated magazine, a specific moral which is the base of the « Street Culture »; it could be motivated by music, art, action-sports or just youth trends outside the imposed mainstream fashion, it doesn't matter. What's remarkable is that too many ideas and incentives are daily defrauded from the international underground. The diktat and the railroad of the system, which oftenly and badly control(govern) the mainstream media, is not owned by the mass of artists and sportsmen who decided to break the imposed rules, assuming behaviours which are different to the de-individualization; SALAD DAYS would like to become the lockring between the purest expression of this attitude and the hypotetical patron looking for new creative underground ideas . That's why it's foundamental that everybody in this project is or has been a militant part into the undergrowth presented scenario, in the way to assure the reader a sense of knowledge and affiliation to this world. The contents will be a 70% taken by music redactionals, which is the lead aim of all the subjects; the rest will be shared in action-sports, fashion and street culture , trends and politically-scorrect thoughts, critics and advises, historical and and inspiring documents . All dressed by excellent and dinstincted pictures, mostly inedited. A magazine which looks back to the « all around » tradition of its precursor and overseas epoch-making Warp and Heckler, which wants to be a non-stop « work in progress », supported by the online version and the contribution of social networks like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook. A magazine whom wish is to « educate », more than inform, a generation which forgot his origins. A magazine that will join the collection desire (the printout will be in limited edition) of its readers target to the demanding and careful informations on the internet, when whoever will not get an original copy will be able to download it in pdf format. An approachable magazine to everybody, as it is free, setting up an equality of users, free of any discrimination. A magazine as an alternative, therefore an active one.

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