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  1. Joshua Mason

    Joshua Mason Birmingham


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    My name is Josh I'm graduate of the University of Lincoln where I studied Media Production. I enjoy creating films and enjoy the process of making a piece come together and come to life. I enjoy the whole process of creating a film from being on set to the edit suite.

  2. Khaiyyam Mahmood

    Khaiyyam Mahmood England


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    My name is Khi, Studying at Lincoln University currently going into my third year I am a keen editor/director and have been making movies for quiet a few years. I love it and its my passion.

  3. George Horne

    George Horne London, UK.


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    I like to make films that are personable and intimate, with a love of soft colours, natural imagery and cinematic sound. Contact: hello@georgehorne.co.uk Twitter: twitter.com/George_Horne Website: www.georgehorne.co.uk

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