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Currently I am working as an architect and a freelance photographer. Ever since I was a student my major focus has always been revolved around achieving success in my architecture career. I also had several approaches towards photography and Photoshop associating it with architecture. With the time my interest in those two mediums increased and through my spontaneous character I started involving my emotions and personal experiences in creating a new direction for myself through photography, reflecting my inner feelings and thoughts. This triggered my concern of my future career, with the time I came to a conclusion that my main interest was actually the conceptual approach in both fields.
My inner fulfillment was to express and reflect my personal emotions; I would say that this was my window of creativity, through which I unleash both my positive and negative energies. It is my ultimate satisfaction when I am able to create a visual reflection of my intangible thoughts and feelings and be able to share it with the world.
As an architect I find myself in direct contact with static but creative designs, however through my study and my work experience, I developed an interest for art in general. The camera was my first tool and hence photography became my passion. I typically started with traditional photography, and then developed it into a form of art. My work in my opinion is very personal. They are like a visual journal to me. I treat my work like an artist treats his canvas. Layers of brainstorm, research and conceptual approach rather than aesthetic.

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