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Knoxville, Tennessee

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After almost 50 years of shooting film and digital stills, it was time to try video. Will take a photojournalist approach to subjects - with and without people - and just try to tell a good story. With just an iPad mounted on a tripod, it's like starting over in photography again.

Entering the retirement years (and still working), my job history includes traditional and digital litho/prepress, Mac/PC graphic design and print production, and marketing for small technology and environmental businesses. Am building my first true ecommerce website through Volusion and will help develop the existing and a new client base thereafter with the new tools.

With a new photographic purpose, I'm looking forward to revisiting vintage motorcycle events and races - as well as a local open trials 'farm' - to develop into stories. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Cool. Very cool.
  2. Awesome footage and excellent editing, Dave. Add a little narration with some historicity and you would have Rick Steve's running scared!