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  1. Irit Batsry
  2. Krzysztof Jarzebinski
  3. Jewels Herrmann
  4. Shahla Aghapour
  5. Thorsten Fleisch

    Thorsten Fleisch Berlin


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    Filmmaker | Game Developer | Musician Interview with Edge of Frame: http://www.edgeofframe.co.uk/thorsten-fleisch/ Interview with Filmslie: http://filmslie.com/thorsten-fleisch-interview/

  6. kirillka

    kirillka Plus Berlin, Germany


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    Good morning! My name is Kirill Abdrakhmanov, I'm an animator based in Berlin, Germany. Feel free to watch my work on my channel and give me feedback if you like.

  7. Giulietta Felice
  8. Antanas Gumauskas
  9. Carolina Hellsgård

    Carolina Hellsgård Plus


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    Carolina Hellsgård works as a writer, editor and director in Stockholm and Berlin. After completing a MFA from the Berlin University of Arts, she received a DAAD-postgraduate grant for Los Angeles, where she studied film directing and screenwriting at the California Institute of the Arts. Hellsgård's…

  10. Anna Strohauer

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