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  1. This is a highlight video of a summer camp I did all the work for. Hope you enjoy. Link:
  2. Please Watch & Vote. Thx. Link:
  3. An artist searches for his Muse in a surrealistic landscape of haunting masked characters, sexual deviancy, and romantic poetry, framed as a video diary in the new full-length film from performance artist, Kurtz Frausun. "Due to the extreme nature…
  4. The Newport Beach Film Festival is now open for all film submissions! The 15th annual Newport Beach Film Festival will spotlight over 350 films from around the world, including short and feature length narrative, documentary, animated and student…
  5. take a breath and enjoy the Journey. Brazil Link:
  6. FINAL DEADLINE TO SUBMIT TO THE NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL! Our final deadline for submissions to the Newport Beach Film Festival is JANUARY 18, 2013. Submit now through Withoutabox and receive a discount! FEATURES: $75 SHORTS: $65 Submit…
  7. NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL DEADLINE APPROACHING! Submit your film today to be a part of the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival! The Newport Beach Film Festival regular deadline is DECEMBER 21. FEATURE FILM: $65 SHORT FILM: $55 *Receive a discount…
  8. any film festivals for shorts plz ? Link: