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Salutations friends.

In current light of events pertaining to Vimeo's new video-player and basic layout system, my uploading to this video-hosting service will be halted until further notice.

As a long time user and believer of all things Vimeo, I find I am quite appalled at the lack of user-control they have dictated upon us, and other changes they have seen fit to implement without apparent and just consent from it's users.

My own personal hang-up derives from the lack of user-controls that allows users to revert the actually video-player size (and most importantly, QUALITY,) back to what was Vimeo's original playing format. I do in fact believe that the majority of Vimeo's users range from independent to semi-professional filmmakers. These individuals can, and do have, access to countless thousands of dollars of camera equipment that can visually appear in good or better than good quality on Vimeo's new player. It is my belief that Vimeo has, for the sake of business and reaching their core demographic (who are more likely to purchase Vimeo plus and other users accounts,) have forgotten about the average user, the average Joe, the little guy, and the independent Archiver. Individuals like myself, other normal everyday athletes, spend countless hours, money, effort, and time on their respective interests (be it cycling, boating, racing, crocheting, etc) and therefore may not have a large budget for high-end video-capturing equipment. Instead, we will find our more modest "HD" equipment cannot visually hold a candle to the individual with the Canon 5D MkII with the countless assorted lenses that are worth the same as a Kia.

I plan on continuing my random and grassroots "filmmakings" for whoever wishes to see it, elsewhere, (TBA.) The people and events I film are not entirely my own, mostly the amazing athletes that I meet on a daily basis. I believe it is my responsibility to showcase their talents as best as I can on what technology I have at my disposal for others to enjoy.

I thank Vimeo for it's good times, the enjoyment it did bring, the helpful community, and the adventures and people it brought me. It has clearly outgrown me, and I must do the same. To it's continued users... may every shutterclick be flawless and precise. ;)

-A+G Visuals-

P.S. The uploads here will remain here until I find a better avenue to archive them.


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