Souroti, Thessaloiniki, Greece,

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Myró Antiques House is the leading company of a group that serves as a platform for a wide variety of services, consisting of land and property services, an Auction House, Art Galleries, Sculpture Symposiums, private collections management, and more. Find out more at, or take a look at our specialized websites listed.

External Links

  • Myro Antiques House - Auction House and the core of Myro Group, including a sculpture gallery, a classic arts gallery, a modern arts gallery, and antiques collections.
  • Myro Gallery - Contemporary Art gallery in the center of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Arts & Antiques Magazine - A free Press publication about arts published in Thessaloniki Greece. This website run independently, delivering fresh content almost everyday, with lots of columnists.
  • Greek Marble Initiative - An initiative to boost the production of original artwork sculptures by the respective Greek artists themselves, or by non-Greek artists working on excellent quality greek marbles, holding its own International Sculpture Symposium in Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Myro Islands - Myrό Group is the first Greek company specialized in managing and selling Greek islands available for sale. Several Greek islands are currenlty available, through our specialized department.


  1. Virgilio Villoresi
  2. Into The Night