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My name is Manthos Stergiou. I am a freelance graphic designer and musician.

I was born and raised in Nea Makri, Greece.
Music and drawing have been my passion since I was a child, I decided to follow both. I am a State certified Graphic Designer but also a vocalist and a guitarist for the progressive post metal band Tardive Dyskinesia as well as being involved in the metal/rock underground music scene.

With over 10 years of graphic experience and after working for several companies, such as press factories and advertising, for the last three years I have been working as a freelance designer creating logos, artwork, videos, web designs, merchandise, posters for many bands but also image building, branding, business cards, invitations etc.

Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Photo editing, Animation Videos, Branding & Identity, Basic HTML knowledge.

Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, After Effect, Nuendo.

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