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JQK Production is a Beijing based Production House Specializing in Advertising.
The only Chinese Production House to win international awards two years running, we have in-house directors with many different backgrounds.

2011 was a great year, with cameo's in JQK Produced spots from Luis Scola , Zhang Liangying, Kevin Garnett, Neeka Dong, Ebba Zingmark, Daito Manabe, Lichtfaktor, and our good friends Escape Plan.
2012 looks to bring another set of interesting projects we can wrap our creative brains around.

Zhu JinJing (aka J.J.) is the Founder and Head Director of JQK Production. Starting the company in 2008, for the first year of its inception J.J. was both a new Director on the Beijing Scene and his own Producer. In 2009 he became the only Chinese Director to win a Cannes Advertising Award. With a background in Art, Photography and many years in the industry as a qualified DP, he now shoots primarily TV commercials but can be convinced to shoot almost anything if the project peaks his interest. His work has been featured in SHOTS 106 as well as having been awarded the ONE SHOW 2009 "Online Branded Content - Single" Gold Award. Similarly, his work was awarded the 2009 56th Cannes Advertising Festival's "Film Lions" Silver campaign.

Raymond Lucas is the Executive Producer of JQK Production. Joining the company in 2009 after courses at UCLA then Beijing Film Academy, he took over Head Managerial Tasks from Zhu Jinjing in mid-2010. The changes freed up J.J. to concentrate on creative and Directing work, as well as allowing the company to add new creatives. Raymond has restructured the company into separate Production and Creative Departments, supporting the different and unique talents of each Director. Currently (Dec.2012) the production house showcases 5 Directors.

All staff is available for Freelance inquiry or to provide production services.


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