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Gotham Twins is an epic duo. They have played a lot in the indie clubs of NY & NJ.
The story of the bat And his killer joker man is their first album. A story about a journey of redemption and lost. And so the story begins...
Theis second album ¨Cashman¨ has been praised by the critics worldwide... And so the story continues...


  1. Gustavo Riet Sapriza
  2. Cinematik
  3. Alessandra Ambrosio
  4. Alejandro Meola
  5. gaboramos
  6. George Ant
  7. Andy Dubrowsky
  8. Jose Bayón
  9. Manuel Drexl
  10. Leninbäk estudio.
  12. eli godoy
  13. Indie Folks
  14. Greg Henkel
  15. en la terraza
  16. R+I creative
  17. ignacio busquier
  18. Martin Cespedes

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