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rubarb dance & art

is the name of the cooperation between choreographer and dancer Ruben Reniers (won the 'Best Solo - Fördernachwuchspreis' and 'Audience Award' with his Solo SimulacrumX at the VI. Internationales SoloDuo Tanzfestival NRW + Friends 2014) and the illustrator Barbara Steinitz (awarded with 3rd place of the picture book award of the city of Troisdorf, the Austrian Children- and Youthbook award 2011, the nomination for the German Award for youth literature 2011).
Both artists share an interest in the the colliding of different art forms and its consequences.
Out of their first cooperation arose „Tweelicht“ which was performed at the State Theatre of Saarland in Sarrbruecken in 2002.
From there, both artists have intensified their artistic cooperation in the form of theatre and dance performances as well as workshops. On of these cooperations was the choreography „Sketches for a Dream“ which was performed at the Arkadas Theatre in Cologne. This Quartet for three dancers and a painter was realized in cooperation with the dance company „Pretty Ugly“ from Cologne.
In the show „In between us“ by „rubarb dance & art“ the liaison between dancing and drawing summits in a unique symbiosis.
This sucessfull cooperation resulted in the wish to form an ensemble, whose main interest would be the artistic mingling of different art forms on stage - because where arts overlap, there will be a rich source for inspiration.

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