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The WGBH Lab Open Call is an invitation for you to make a completed video short and share it with the world.

To kick-start your process, we offer up a compelling theme and open content video clips for your use. Now we need YOUR fresh take and YOUR feedback.
Upload your short and follow it as our online community watches, reviews, and rates it. We call this Social Production, a crucial part of sharing your story with the world. Engage with other media makers, discuss your experience, and make your voice heard. At the end of the Open Call process, your work may even be featured on public media nationwide!

And naturally, we like educational. Be creative, be factual, be thoughtful—after all, in making and unleashing your short, you are engaging with the world.

Current Open Calls:
Stonewall Uprising- Gay rights in 2011

Previous Open Calls:

MASTERPIECE Video Diary Project: Inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank

The Antiques Roadshow Open Call:


NOVA: Life Stories Open Call


Heating Up: Frontline Open Call

Election 2008: POV Open Call

Watch Over Me: Caring for Parents Open Call

Eviction Notice: NBPC Open Call

War Stories: The WAR - A Ken Burns Film Open Call


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