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Avant-garde multi media motion lighting designer/artist renowned for "body mapping" projection design. Diverse background as a professional designer, pre and post video, professional illustrator, dance theater production where he utilizes / collaborates with lighting designers, acrobats, contortionist, aerialist, pole, gogo, ballet and burlesque dancers.

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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Paul Ackerman a.k.a. VJPablo, BFA degree in Drawing and Photography; a professional new media Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Videographer, Photographer and VFX projectionist with professional corporate design, event production and dance-theater experience. Current concentration is VFX video motion graphics for screen and lighting performers, producing / directing, event production, consulting and DVD title development.

Most important though is “in air” / “sexy lights” art projection development utilizing multiple medias still viewed as avant-garde today. Performers are my screen, a direct kinetic experience of light and form.

He completed a BFA in Drawing and Photography for medical illustration in 1975. Developed a deep background and respect for the human form, sculpture, photography, film, animation and precise realistic illustration.

He coined the phrase “out of the box” in 1977 from a frustration with flat video, expensive film media formats and old traditional stage lighting design. As a sculpture, he utilized 3D design to develop ever-unique methods of bringing drawing and photography together for “in air” art projections via various multi media processes, both old and new.

His first collaborations with a professional choreographer/dancer utilized ballet and modern dancers for art projections in San Francisco 1978, CA. From the very first days he lived and breathed dance for 6 years. Some 30 years later it included aerialist, contortionist, acrobats, pole, gogo, burlesque, ballet and modern dancers, bands, plus both interior and exterior buildings.

He has produced over two thousand scripted hand-painted 2x2” slides with intricate motifs for dance. Currently he has 24 scripted slide trays of 80 images developed by “old school” methods. Convert them to video and edit via Adobe Final Cut Pro, Motion or After Effects.

Delivery methods are by one of 3 means, either / or slide / static or moving head video projectors. Best and most versatile method for 500+ seating is with at least 3 video projectors (i.e. high end DL3.)

• San Francisco Chronicle; "...Eyeplay was a stunning event that grabbed and held one's attention. "

• San Francisco Chronicle;...Ackerman has dutifully mastered Alwin Nicolais technique". (At the time, he had not seen Alwin Nicolai’s work.)

• Independent Review, Marin CA: "...Ackerman provided uniquely different multi-image abstractions...the effect was undeniably ennobling."

• The Seattle Times, Seattle WA "...Reference to Alwin Nicolais's multimedia experiments came thick and fast."

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You can contact me:
c 702-336-5207

Paul Ackerman

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