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Writer, Producer, Director, Editor

Lance R. Lucero's short film "FANTASYLAND" (licensed to Omni Short Film Distribution/Filmgrinder 2005) is an elaborate period piece about two Knights battling over a beautiful Maiden. Lance took a fanatical approach to the short, overseeing every detail of the project in order to maintain a vast amount of entertaining production value. "FANTASYLAND" was a success at the 1996 Denver International Fall Film Festival, 2004 Denver Dark Arts Film Festival, and the December 2008 Denver Downtowner Film Festival. Recently "FANTASYLAND" had been picked as an official Cinebarre Short Film Selection, featured during the preshow of "CIRQUE DU FREAK - THE VAMPIRE'S ASSISTANT," "THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON," Ridley Scott's "ROBIN HOOD," "YOUR HIGHNESS," and "SUPER."

After the completion of the short film, Lance immediately began work on "HUNTING FOR FISH," his feature film debut (distribution pending). Currently, Lance has been involved in re-mastering and soliciting the feature film HUNTING FOR FISH, screenplay writing, film editing, and comic book production. Soon, the comic book BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC will be available in October 2015.

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Omni Short Film Distribution/Filmgrinder


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