Cory Travalena

Simi Valley, CA

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Son of Comedian Fred Travalena, Cory has been around the business since he was born. Travalena was always comfortable on stage or in front of the camera, but he always had an interest in what goes on behind the scenes. He attended the Hollywood Film School in 1999, and then transferred to Moorpark Community College in 2000 to study Film and Television, and quickly realized that his calling and passion were in Post Production. Cory was Media Director at Cornerstone Community Church, before he became a part of the GO West team in 2006 as lead Editor.

Cory understands the production process from Pre all the way to his Edit Bay in Post. His Editing abilities range from Commercials, Highlight Videos, Trailers, Sitcoms, all the way to Features. Cory is President of Caffeinate Post Production Services.


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