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Peckham, London

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Faith Millin is a London-based Colourist currently working full-time at the production company Pundersons Gardens.

After taking a foundation in Photography, Faith then received a First Class Honours BA Degree in Photography at London College of Communication (UAL). Upon leaving LCC, she gained production experience for various film and television broadcast companies, including, Celador, Endemol, ITV and Channel 5. In 2009, Faith moved to Pundersons Gardens, a facility that offers a full range of creative film and video production services from initial concept formation, filming, editing and motion graphics, through to colour correction, on-line and final delivery.
After working as a full-time editor at PG, Faith began specialising in Colour grading. Faith then trained in Davinci Resolve (colour grading software) under the renowned colourist Dado Valentic at Soho Editors.

Since then, Faith has developed her passion and skill as a colourist, working with commercial clients such as Burberry, Adidas, Jaguar, Hugo Boss, Nike and more.

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