tim doughty

Derby, England

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I'm a freelance film-maker. My experience ranges from Directing, Producing and Editing commercials, event promos, and docos in SE Asia, to doing basically every type of job on all sorts of types of shoots in the UK.

Nowadays I've become one of the legion of independents who bought into the marvellous HDSLR revolution. Since returning home I've commenced upon a new mission - get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot, then cut it up into super-charged high end promos.

You can contact me anytime, I will go any place.


  1. Weapons Grade Productions
  2. Greville Street Pictures
  3. Tommy Wu
  4. Push London
  5. Shpice Pictures
  6. Khairil M Bahar
  7. Burning Reel
  9. Vanessa Chia
  10. Optidigit
  11. Adam Lokman