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Graduated from LIT in Fashion and Design in 2004.

"Merle's Run" was screened at London Fashion week S/S 2010.

"Deer Don" a Documentary I directed with the support of Filmbase and Loopline Films coming soon.


  1. Joseph Sullivan
  2. Devilishly Handsome Productions
  3. Little Tornados
  4. Eoghan Kidney
  5. Jean-Sebastien Monzani
  6. Virtual Cinema
  7. Simon Eustace
  8. Jarbas Agnelli
  9. Amy Walsh
  10. Colm Quinn
  11. Onur Senturk
  12. Roman Random
  13. jacqui leahy
  14. jason farrell
  15. Neko Neko Films
  16. Valeria Bandino
  17. Jay

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