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Sonic Arts Award is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic arts at an international level. SAAW will assign a cash prize to the winning project of each of the four categories. The Cardelli & Fontana Gallery from Sarzana will offer a residency up to two weeks to a sound artist selected from the shortlist. The fratto9 record label will select 1 (one) artist from among all participants for the publication of a CD as part of its catalogue.

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  1. Richard Devine
  2. 90dB Festival
  3. Douglas Henderson
  4. Pierre Bastien
  5. Semiconductor
  6. Sebastian Jazura
  7. alessandro di gregorio
  8. Irad Lee
  9. Kuflex
  10. Vanni Gandolfo
  11. Leviathan
  12. la fabrique documentaire
  13. Kathy Hinde
  14. Red Bull Music Academy
  15. Chiu Longina
  16. xx+xy visuals and sound art
  17. Samadhisound
  18. ROOM40

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