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I skate, I make music and I edit in FinalcutPro, I film using the Canon EOS 550d also knows as the Rebel T2i with lens: canon 50mm f1.8, 28mm f2.8, 18-55mm f3.5 and Opteka 6.5mm f3.5 fisheye. And also with hacked Panasonic Gh2 with 14-42mm and converter for Canon lens.

Mostly I produce inline edits, short funny clips and music videos for my crew: the Whyduckz! But if you like my work feel free to ask, maybe i can produce something for you!

Ch-check my videos and please do not leave any comments cause I dont care! haha! but seriously, any feedback is highly awaited!

ps. my music productions You can peep on my soundcloud site...

Jezdze na rolkach, filmuje teledyski i edity rolkowe a takze robie muzyke, sprawdz moj profil, moje realizacje i zostaw komentaz, dobra rada jest bezcenna!

Krece edyty rolkowe, krotkie wesole filmiki oraz teledyski muzyczne dla mojej ekipy: WdKz. Jesli podobaja ci sie moje prace daj znac, a moze wyprodukuje cos z toba.

ps. aby posluchac mojej muzyki wejdz na moj profil na soundcloudzie.


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