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Make Publicity is a boutique, husband and wife run publicity firm based out of San Francisco. We specialize in music, film & creative business publicity. We have collectively been musicians, freelancers, record label owners, filmmakers, writers, volunteers, bloggers & video editors. We also maintain that most creative individuals seeking publicity don't have wads of cash lining their wallets, so we have tailored our publicity campaign strategies with YOU in mind.

Our services include:


Book Campaigns
Book Proposal Writing
Tour Press
Press Release Writing & Distribution
Transcript Editing
Viral/Social Marketing


Album Campaigns
Band/Music Industry Consultation
Custom Bio Writing
Custom Press Kit Creation
Online Marketing/Promotional Campaigns
Press Photos
Press Kit Analysis/Consultation
Promotional Video
Social Networking/Marketing Integration (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
Tour Press
Viral Marketing


Brand Consultation
DVD Menu Functionality Consultation
Film Festival Marketing
Film/Video Trailer Analysis
Promotional Material Consultation/Analysis
Promotional Video
Screenplay Consultation/Analysis
Social Networking/Marketing Integration (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter)
Video Editing Consultation/Analysis
Viral Marketing

Creative Business-

Brand Consultation
Press Release Writing & Distribution
Promotional Materials Consultation/Analysis
Intensive Training on Social Network Integration

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