Chris McInnes

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Chris grew up in rural Western Australia where he spent the early part of his childhood subjecting his isolated family to the various performances he put on. He moved to Perth and then to Sydney to pursue his love of storytelling. He has worked with ATYP, WaYTCo and various other companies in Perth and Sydney.

Chris studied at the Actor’s Centre Australia where he completed an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts. He loves working in the areas of improvisation and comedy, the creation and exploration of new Australian work.

His acting credits include Michael in PRIVATE VIEW (NIDA), Lingk in GLEN GARY GLENROSS (ACA), Malvolio in TWELTH NIGHT (ACA), Trigorin in THE SEAGULL (ACA), Morris in BUSTOWN (ATYP) and many others.

"I love seeing a new show come to life before an audience. I have been blessed by working with some of the most amazing people in this industry and all of them have taught me the importance of our job as artists. Telling stories about the community that will be seeing it, is what drives me."

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