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Dear all,

I joined production business years ago and together with my partner found a unique company called Grandma. All the time that I have spent in media production have been the most exciting, inspiring, rewarding. Lot's of interesting productions, hard work, talented people, big hearts, fun, new friends.

Please let me introduce you to Grandma – caring hands and experienced team for your ideas.

Grandma creative team (before known as Magnet Films) has been providing PRODUCTION SOLUTIONS for almost 14 years both for our Lithuanian and international friends.
So, if we multiply 10 by the number of our productions you get a number which is closer to an age of a proper grandma:)

Our wide family of freelance specialists embraces your project with sincere commitment. Cameramen, art directors, gaffers, grips, director assistants and many more communicate not only by the results of their work but also speak international languages.

In the global village Grandma offers in-house and foreign directors - our brothers and sisters.

While having your cup of tea check out Grandma story in

Let's keep in touch!

From Grandma with Love

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