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Director of both feature narrative and documentary film. Worked on the recent award winning feature sci-fi Defcon 2012. Executive Producer on award winning short animation Automaton. Worked on other films, and presently on new projects.

Started out enlisted in the USAF, got a BA, flew for a long time, got a MBA in International Business - and then eventually got into the film business. I have about 1000 hours flying time, and three movies under my belt.

For fun I like to surf, ride, run, swim, fly, play rock guitar, cook, read and socialize.

I own a social network for aspiring fighter pilots, active ones, retired pilots and fans of fighter pilots. We do interactive gaming, have fly-ins, do real flights, do live broadcasts and more! My goal here is to get young people to see smarts and education as a cool thing. Jets is a tool for that.

Armchair Fighter Pilot's Association

The website for my latest movie, Defcon 2012, is:

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