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SMASH Berlin is an independent platform dedicated to developing research in contemporary performance through a series of full-time physical training programs. Its conception originates from a desire to create temporary, non-hierarchical spaces in which to share with participants the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance evolving in Berlin.
SMASH Berlin focuses on the performative body using a hands-on approach to connect with its expanded, transformative, contradictory and imaginative states.
Through a range of process-based working strategies from different artistic disciplines, the notion of performance is questioned beyond personal assumptions and established modalities. Emphasis
is given to the embodied use of discourse and collaborative investigation through mentoring, group feedback and brainstorming.
Each unit is organized as a cohesive structure looking into the evolving meaning of physical performance today as an artistic, social and political practice.
Guest artists share their current practices and methodologies, challenging the participants to develop their own methods and set of tools to initiate personal work.

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