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Nanang Sujana, born in October 14th 1980. He belongs to Rejang people in Bengkulu, Sumatra. He started his filmmaking carrier back in 2003 after finishing his Marine Biology degree in Bogor Agricultural University.

 With an Environmental NGO’s based in Bogor, West Java, he and six other filmmakers established the Gekko Studio in 2006 and Indonesia Nature Film Society (INFIS) in 2013.
Currently he actively engages with INFIS as principal filmmaker for producing films for promoting change, the importance of saving Indonesian environment as well as promoting social justice for indigenous peoples, peasants and fisherfolk.

With a vast experience and knowledge of Indonesian nature and culture, Nanang became the first Indonesian to win the International Award in Nature and Wildlife Filmmaking. In 2008, in collaboration with Handcrafted Films, he won the Best Cultural Message in the 31st International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana. In 2009, he received the Best Asia-Oceania Newcomer Award in the 9th Japan Wildlife Film Festival, the biggest wildlife film festival in Asia.

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