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I have had a long career in the arts, mostly as a music maker slash music facilitator. I started as a sound designer for theatre, and had the great privilege of working with director Reza Abdoh for many years. I also worked with Ann Magnuson for a time. Have done sound design and musical composition for several films, and am currently very active making music, songs, voice-overs, and the like in my studio, Mad Chatter.

I post new material to SoundCloud regularly and have a very active engagement and following on that site:

My latest album, Iconoclast, can be found pretty much everywhere, but you can pay what you like for it here:

For the last three years I have worked at a commercial broadcast radio station in the Berkshires. I recently quit to pursue freelance voice-over and DJ gigs, and have more time for my music: my passion, my love.

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