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Sonoma, California

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In the midst of global economic collapse, an expanding income gap, accelerating climate change, mass species extinction and exponential growth in global debt, the conveners of The Economics of Peace Conference are calling for engaged citizens from the U.S. and abroad to come together in Sonoma, CA, October 18 – 23, to help forge a new economic agenda for the 21st century.

The Economics of Peace Conference will showcase leading thinkers and practicioners who are already transforming economic relationships. Conference speakers will address the most relevant economic issues confronting us today, and daily workshops will offer practical skills for creating vibrant local economies.

The conference will focus on the following themes:

The Economics of Social and Environmental Justice
The Influence of Cultural Myths and Propaganda on Economic Policies
Transforming the Means of Exchange
Toward a New Ethic of Ownership
Evolving the Policies for the New Economics

The purpose of this conference is to build alliances, expand our networks, and connect with others who are passionate about building a new economy on the foundations of peace, justice and environmental sustainability. In the midst of this crisis, a window of opportunity has opened.

Please join us in seizing the moment!

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