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Human Film established in 2005, with a goal to seek and explore individual creativity, producing films with a social conscience and impact.

With roots in the east and west, through our bases in Leeds (UK), Rotterdam (NL) and Baghdad (IQ), we are collectively committed to producing innovative, compelling films that entertain, inspire and challenge perceptions, furthering understanding on critical human issues to worldwide audiences through film.

Through our existence, we have the opportunity to share stories that we have a strong personal belief in, and through not applying any language, cultural, political, religious, or any other barriers to our filmmaking practice our work has the potential to affect and inspire.

Over the past 7 years we have successfully completed 4 feature films in Iraq; "Ahlaam" (2006), Iraq’s official entry for the 2011 Oscars and Golden Globes, "Son of Babylon" (2010) the recipient of the Berlinale IFF Peace Prize, Amnesty Film Award 2010 and Karlovy Vary’s NETPAC Award, and a BIFA, "Iraq, War, Love, God and Madness" (2010) and most recently "In My Mother's Arms" that won the Asia Pacific Screen Academy Award for best documentary.

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