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Associate Professor Phillip Baldwin:
Is a scenographer, immersive environment designer. Has current research and authorship in the relationship of space to telematics and telepresence. Conducts SB study abroad programs in Rome, and Seoul. Integrates the ‘zero distance’ telematics with public installation. Conducts a campus and Brooklyn based grant writing group and NGO: ‘Global Civic Media’. MFA from Yale University in design, FAAR, Fellow of the American Academy in Rome 1994. Worked and lived in Seoul, Tokyo, Rome, Singapore on various scenographic and digital media/telematics projects. Recipient of numerous yearly awards, grants, and prizes including the Japan Foundation Prize 1996 for work in Design, Performance, and Information Technology, Recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts Award, Jerome Foundation Grant for Collaboration, Japan-US Partnership for the performing arts, Korea Industrial development grant, Singapore Interactive media grants, and other grants and research in Art and Technology. Is interested in the relationship of human computer interface and the performing arts. Maintains a design practice and business in New York City. Lives in Brooklyn.

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