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Boulder, Colorado

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Filmmaking requires a blend of creative talent, technical skill, business know-how and organizational mastery.

I founded Zuzingo Ltd. in 2009, to create content for film, television and alternative media platforms, inviting viewers to see the world differently.

My dreams and imagination for story have been fostered over a lifetime of globetrotting, exploring exotic locations, staying in magnificent resorts, trekking through remote countryside's and cruising the open seas on private yachts, cruise ships and sail boats.

Thanks to a career of nearly 11 years managing sales and events for luxury brand hotels plus a 6 year career in high end interior design, I have a unique love for flawless execution, impeccable service and beautiful presentation. Those experiences gave me the know-how for blending business with creative, technical and organizational skills.

I am an honors graduate from the Colorado Film School, which is ranked number 20 in the US and number 25 worldwide for film school educations.

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