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Born in the Bronx and raised outside of Washington, DC, Colen (Cole) Wiley is a multiple award-winning writer and filmmaker. Coming of age in the midst of the modern American metropolis of the nation’s capital, cosmopolitan storytelling became an integral part of his life at an early age. Anchored by an upbringing that was heavily influenced by the black intellectual movements of the 20th century, he has had a professional career that has included everything from flipping burgers, to working at NASA, to waiting tables, to graduating as salutatorian of Hampton University, to nearly being arrested for drug trafficking via illegal racial profiling, to teaching youth as a gang avoidance counselor, to mopping floors, to graduating from Harvard Law School.

With these varied life experiences, he has consequently developed a breadth of perspective and an expansive vision to inspire his work. As a filmmaker, he has written/directed/produced award-winning short films that have screened at dozens of international film festivals across the globe. A product of the NYU Graduate Film Program, Cole began his journey in Hollywood as a 2014 Film Independent Project Involve Producing Fellow. His debut feature film screenplay, AFTER THE STORM, has won the Spike Lee Production Fund Award (Mr. Lee currently serves as an Executive Producer for the film), the Next 15 Minutes Screenplay Competition (sponsored by Final Draft), and the Urbanworld Film Festival Screenplay Competition (sponsored by BET and HBO). He has also adapted the New York Times bestselling novel, MONSTER, for Tonik Productions.

Cole has one purpose in life: to exist as his highest self in every moment of every day and to simultaneously assist others in doing the same. In his spare time, he pours most of his energy towards his interstellar journey to the limits of the universe. No spaceship required.


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