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Iris Tenkink’s works embodies visual practice and criticality (critical writing) that are closely related. Her films and writings examine what constitutes a frame, a tension between speaking subjects and event/figure. Displacement of voice, of image. The work examines relations that constitute a layering of components into a heterogeneous whole.

Her films where shown on festivals such as: Experiments in Cinema v 7.9 USA, 2012. Madatac 02 Madrid (awarded) 2010 and broadcasted on Transfera, Canal-Autor TV Madrid, Spain/Euskadi. Zebra Poetry Film Festival, Berlin 2008.
Aurora ‘The infinite measure’ 2008 Norwich, UK.
She participated in various international art projects such as: ‘HASCOW’ (D.A.I 2006-2007) ‘Caucus-Becoming Dutch’ Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven 2007.

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