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Slavery's Heroes is a docu-drama which tells the story of slavery in Jamaica, for the first time from the African perspective, through an original script and imaginative director. It is informed by the actual voices of African American pioneers led by George Liele, other leaders, African, Jamaican and British, and the many women and men who journeyed from enslavement to Emancipation and beyond, and who, primarily through non-violent resistance overcame a violent and repressive regime.
The scriptwriter and presenter of this project is herself a direct descendent of those millions who were enslaved through the long and bloody history of Jamaica. Her name is Doreen Morrison, a PhD graduate from the University of Birmingham, England. She is an authority on 18th and 19th Century African Jamaican slave history: political and religious. She has spoken at international conferences in Jamaica, Canada and England, and has over 20years experience living and working in such countries as Nigeria, Kenya, Russia, apartheid South Africa, Jamaica and the American states of Chicago, Mississippi, South Carolina and Georgia, each of which has informed her writing. She is a black woman with a voice.

The director is Laurentiu Huianu, a highly creative Producer/Director/Editor, who has worked for more than 21years in the human rights field, and has trained at Prague Film School and Aristoteles (ARTE/ZDF Channel) with over 15years audio video production experience and over 12years experience working on high quality documentaries and fiction, and has just completed directing the 'The Windrush Legacy' a feature length documentary about the 1948 migration and arrival experience of Caribbean people in the UK. He has directed/produced over 2500 digital projects/films/videos, including documentaries, interviews (ENG), live events, campaigns, training DVDs, web multimedia solutions, animation, short-movies, feature length and video installations. Laurentiu believes that there is only one history book that his three young boys should learn from, the true history, and now is the time to re-write it.