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italy - new york - canada

I am an interdisciplinary artist working with public-space interactive performance, video, photography and internet.

I work on open-structure performances that are not acted out on a stage but into everyday life, characterized by unpredictability and chance.
I am interested in connecting art into ordinary life.
Public, space, interaction and chance are an essential part of my work.

My works reflect on social and political themes with an ironical approach. Essential part of my creative process is research, meditation, irony, deepness and travelling.

I work with my body not to show or to express myself, but as an intermediary to convey something else, and as a mean for people's interactions.

The video is the necessary consequence of the interactive performance process and it is an autonomous artistic work. In the video I develop and arrange the outcomes of the performance, mixing performance’s conceptual qualities, people’s reactions, space and place identities. Sometime I use photography as well.

I am interested in the way my performance can be a mirror of a society.
Each contest influence my work. Way of interactions, people, landscape, behaviours, chance, are each time totally different and the following video can lead to reflections of a sociological kind too

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