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Instructor: Devyn Weiser
SCI-Arc Elective Seminar
Applied Studies AS2366

Robotic Confections & Confabulations (RoCoCo) focuses on techniques of representation using the state-of-the-art SCI-Arc Robot House and purpose-built software esperant.O – a designer friendly robot motion control toolset in Autodesk Maya.

Architectural representation since the 1990's privileged computer generated images. In this decade, the convergence of software and hardware offer new possibilities for aesthetic expression with tactile material outcomes beyond Cartesian perspectivalism. The seminar explores the role of maker, medium, and machine. Particular attention is given to the history of early computational visualization from the 1960's onward, Op and Pop Art, up through artists working in the post-medium condition. While grounding students in debates underlying contemporary art and technology the seminar offers a hands-on laboratory for experimentation.

Seminar participants produce drawings and paintings in a new spatial medium with a focus on additive processes (inks and paints) and multi-axial, multi-robot motion paths. Tutorials and exercises introduce airbrushing techniques, from the dot to the line, masking, frisketing, and shading, as well as color mapping theory. Each team proposes and produces a final project that may include the design of new end of arm tooling (EoAT) for airbrushing, depositing, painting, spraying, and sputtering on 2D and 3D surfaces in 4D real-time. Projects explore and exploit the aesthetic affect of anexact air and particle driven formats. This course has far reaching implications for architecture from rethinking matter and motion to generative representation.

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