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The former creative director and producer for the Sundance award winning film financing company and business accelerator, Dogfish (Like Crazy, Prince Avalanche, and Like Me), Matthew Smaglik has experience with media giants like VOX Media, BBDO, AMC, and VICE. An interest in innovation lead to his involvement launching the digital initiative, Section II and work with a Unity based virtual reality startup.

Matthew co-produced the upcoming sci-fi feature Diverge which won the Us In Progress Paris 2015 prize and was selected for the Fantasia Frontieres Work In Progress program. This summer he produced feature Florence, Yesterday starring Daisy Bevan. He was selected as an IFP Emerging Storyteller, producing Little Africa at Film Week in 2015. Most recently he produced David Bly’s Sweet Parents.

Matthew Smaglik is passionate about continuing to write, direct, produce, and support impactful storytelling.

Based in Brooklyn.

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