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  1. Francesco Carzedda
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  1. Hey my bro, I liken you to a visual poet. BTW I want some of the soup :). The fascinating thing about that was the adding of the Apple. A beautiful piece.
  2. Bravo my bro' you've done it again; loved the piece. I have a lot of Vinyl myself, beginning with Elvis' first hit I bought when in Germany, and the 45 is still in like-new condition. You're an Artiste make no mistake about it.
  3. Amazing stuff, and that in itself is a paltry statement. As soon as I can get around I hope to show you some of my Nashville.
  4. My good friend I'm open to that, big time! Do you have an ICQ account, or even access to the app? I use it with close friends, an excellent IM.
  5. May I have the envelope please. It's an award winner Francesco for sire. BuddyB
  6. Boy Howdy I really like this one. I'm moved...