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Passionate, driven and tenacious, he never allows the opportunity for “can’t be done” to enter into existence. Burgeoning film director/producer, Jerry J Cunningham raises the bar on himself, constantly pushing the envelope to meet that standard. His creative, professional, and perfectionist stance battles an ongoing internal war of progressivism vs. conservatism. He stems from a long ancestral line of creative artisans that helped to shape his eye for form, composition, structure and texture. It bloomed through Cunningham's appreciation for the arts, especially his extensive work in music and photography ultimately leading him to produce and direct films, “My photography teacher said, ‘Filmmaking is nothing but a bunch of still photos put together’ and a light went off! I thought of myself as being pretty creative with a camera already and I always liked the film industry, telling stories through moving images, so it was just a matter of executing it.”
Sacrificing the normalcy of what is to be expected; the basic desires of life that most people pursue, Cunningham stepped out on faith and sought to become a filmmaker devouring any and everything in the world of film

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