Ruchi Mital

Brooklyn, NY

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I have a discoball theory. A sphere covered in squares, the spinning mirrored ball reflects one light in multiplicity over the walls and ceiling and floor. One light, many lights; one truth, many truths. Each of us reflects a truth from our own unique perspective. My work is informed by a celebration of this prismic truth. In a world of points of view, each individual and each community is a builder of a truth that illuminates our common world. I am inspired by the builders, the creators, and those who stand up to make--whether it is a glass chain, a social movement, a school, or a conversation. We are surrounded by everyday makers, and I seek to highlight the stories that are too often subsumed, appropriated, or ignored.

I am interested in where the creation of my films meets the creation of the individuals in my films, which then meets the viewer to be reborn once more. Rather than telling, I want to create a space made of sound and image that enable an unfolding of meaning that spark new understandings and more light.

My film, making the city, received an honorable mention at the US Super 8 Film Festival.


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