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Toronto, Canada

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Joel Tellier's work as an artist is driven by both his experience as a graphic designer and animation artist, as well as his natural inclination to play with and experiment with industrial materials and objects. Teaching himself a range of art techniques as he goes, Joel is able to imagine and recreate a feeling or story or image in a simple way, but in numerous forms. He combines the high style of his design with a hand-made aesthetic.

Compulsive, experimental, and tactile, Joel works with all measure of common materials, but adapts them to suit his design needs: plywood meets gunpowder and resin to become an evocative and singular story,and concrete meets mould to find new life as rough objet d'art.

While in the past he's been obsessed with the magical integration of design and sophisticated engineering, Joel currently finds himself a slave to geometry, prisms, and patterns.

Joel works as a commercial director and graphic designer in addition to his personal art practice.

Formerly a Southern Ontario nomad, Joel Tellier currently resides in Toronto.

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