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Don't be a statistic in the Word of God in these end days.Be believer's in faith in the Word and in The Lord God's son Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Massiach) who shed his blood for everyone.

Don't let death or threat's of death rule the day even in you and yours' even in troubles or things soon to come, even when they come.

Keep the faith and believe without wavering and the best you can, nothing shall overtake your faith.The Lord God and his son is bigger and in control no matter how the human mind perceives or thinks.

He is the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.He is the author and finisher of our faith, be of good courage even in the midst of troubles of these end days.

These are the end of days and as believers you shall stand!
Stand not in your own strength but in The Lord God and his son Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha Massiach) in faith.

Stand to show who you are in Christ Jesus (Yeshua Ha Massiach), put yourselves to the test.Stand until the end, be in him even until the end no matter what comes!


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