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  1. StepFilms and Media

    StepFilms and Media Plus Washington, DC


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    Since 2008, StepFilms and Media has worked with non-profit organizations, foundations, companies and government agencies to create media with a conscience. We support the important work of our clients through video production, web-based solutions and print media. Our products help our clients reach…

  2. Solay Howell

    Solay Howell Washington DC


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    Solay L. Howell is a visual artist working with still and moving images to craft stories from reality. She is Associate Video Producer at Sunlight Foundation.

  3. Ben Selkow

    Ben Selkow Plus


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    Ben Selkow is an award-winning, sixteen-year veteran filmmaker. He has directed and produced non-fiction pieces for HBO, CNN, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, Pivot TV, Esquire Network/NBCU, Sundance Channel and Fox Sports Net while working with Zero Point Zero, Matador Content, DreamWorks Television,…

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