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We are a group of snowboarders who have been riding for over 16 years. We have been all over the East Coast and our West. We have respect for the West Coast Mountains, but a passion for the dedication and skills that only an East Coast Boarder can develop. We have ridden in ice storms, rain, snow, early mountain bare spots, and late spring mashed potatoes. We have driven 6 hours for amazing pow, and when we left we the only thing we dreaded is the runs we might have missed.

We believe that boarding is one of the purest forms of winter sports. We are in the midst of developing a riding group. Our version of ski club, but for boarders. We will have more information in the next few months. The idea will group pricing for the entire 14/15 season. Until then please enjoy the site for the updated news and if you have any pictures or videos please send them to us and we will post them in our community section.

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