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Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Imagine: International students, great Entrepreneurs, change makers, scholars and experts together in an inspiring setting. Imagine an interactive program with diverse and creative people who are the driving force behind growth, change and innovation.

Come and listen to amazing stories, get inspired, explore ideas and learn the practicalities of setting up a business. Be part of a new perspective: be self-responsible, make a difference, for your environment and for yourself.

Meet people who made it.
Become someone who will make it.
You decide and no one else.

Workshops will allow you to reflect on your ideas or even develop new ideas during the interaction with other students and entrepreneurs. The multidisciplinary setting enables you to explore how a convergence of legal, technological, medical, managerial and even artistic interests and know-how fosters creativity.
The Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship 2010 will provide a starting point for entrepreneurial engagement. Momentum will make the Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship 2010 an unforgettable event. Impressive locations, an interactive program with people from all over the world will create a pool of ideas, inspirations and different perspectives on the role of Entrepreneurship - for the individual, for the economy and for the society. If you want to be part of it register and help creating a better world!

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